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Libraries won again, thanks to all your support

To those of you who took the time to go out to the polls on Tuesday, March 8, 2011 -- especially those who cast a yes vote for libraries and Measure L -- we salute you. The landslide victory of this progressive civic measure ensures that Sunday/Monday library closures will soon be a thing of the past, the laid-off employees (28% of LAPL staff) will get their jobs back, and that no future Mayor will be able to balance his budget at the expense of that essential public good: a free public library for Los Angeles. We woke up Wednesday morning to a more hopeful city, something that doesn't happen nearly often enough. It felt great--let's make a habit of it.

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This website will remain online as a tool to protect our libraries should they ever again be at risk, something that seems a lot less likely after the passage of Measure L.